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The Chavara-SRVC Centre for the Visually Challenged hopes to change many lives and create more awareness about the need to have a more inclusive environment. Given the right support, visually challenged persons could be effectively employed in desk based jobs where their disability gets coverted into an ability since tey could give focussed attentio as there is no visual distraction. A few of them are call centre obs, tele marketing, medical transcription, massage and physiotherapy, radio jockeying, foreign language translators, tea and wine tasting, assaying etc.
Without public support, nothing is possible. By holding hands together, we can make it happen. Two eyes are more than enough for two people to cross the road, if they can hold their hands.
Let us make this an opportunity to hold hands and spread friendship through love, understanding and respect for each other.We also look forward to the support of sponsors, corporates and volunteers for training and employment of candidates.